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Baked Eggplants Recipe

eggplant is one of the most common


Baked Stuffed Onions Recipe

... of the cheese, add the cream and in a mixing bowl combine all the ingredients. season with salt and pepper. transfer the mixture in each scooped-out onion and bake for 30 minutes. remove from oven, top with the remaining cheese and bake for other 10-15 minutes. serve warm or at room temperature.


Broccoli Meatballs Recipe

broccoli meatballs recipe is a really healthy and tasty main dish which could be perfect for children who have difficulties to eat this


Easy Zucchini Parmesan Recipe

... the other layers in the same way until all the ingredients have finished. the last layer must be only with zucchini, parmesan and breadcrumbs. sprinkle with some olive oil and bake for 20 minutes. remove from oven and serve after 10-15 minutes. the ideal wine to accompany this dish is a red one. 


Lentils Cream with Grilled Eggplants Recipe

prep: 20 mininactive time: -cook: 1 hour 20 mindifficulty: easyserves: 6ingredients200g - red lentils500g - eggplants, thickly sliced10 - medium tomatoes, halved1 - garlic clove, finely chopped200g - baby salad (optional)3 - cups chicken stock or

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