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Salmon Rolls with Eggs Cream Recipe

salmon rolls are prepared just with smoked salmon slices, stuffed with a delicate eggs cream and accompanied with fresh salad or various


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Focaccia Recipe

olive oil focaccia is a versatile food that everyone of us like and can be enjoyed in different ways: simply as a snack, or as a real meal accompanied with meat, cheese,


Focaccia with Spinach and Anchiovies Recipe

looking for a homemade and tasty focaccia recipe? let' s try this easy focaccia with spinach and anchiovies recipe, firstly prepared from peasants, who don' t have many elaborated ingredients to prepare their meal, and cooked with what they have at home:


Herbs Focaccine Recipe

try these tasty herbs focaccine recipe to accompany a meat / fish second dish with


Integral Bread Recipe

perfect to serve with second dishes accompanied with

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