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Seafood Bruschetta Recipe


Lemon Fried Squid Recipe

... towels. place the fried squid into a serving platter, decorate with the browned lemon slices, or just fresh lemon slices if you prefer, or squeeze over some lemon juice. at the end sprinkle with the flavored bread crumbs. serve immediately with some white wine and a fresh green salad.


Salmon Rolls with Eggs Cream Recipe

... but still soft. turn off the heat, overlap all smoked salmon slices on a large plate and spread over them the eggs cream mixture. roll up and there will be four large rolls. arrange the salmon rolls on a serving dish, accompanied with freshly lettuce leaves and roasted or boiled baby potatoes.


Cold Pasta with Squid and Shrimp Recipe

cold pasta with squid and shrimp recipe, a tasty main


Pasta with Large Prawns and Tomatoes Recipe

how to prepare a tasty

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