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Aspic with Eggs, Tuna and Olives Recipe

when you serve the aspic dabble it into hot water for some seconds, and turn upside down in a serving plate and garnish with freshly


Funny Devilled Eggs Recipe

prep: 15 mininactive time: -cook: 10 mindifficulty: easyserves: 12 devilled eggsingredients6 - large eggs3 - tablespoons mayonaisse2 - teaspoons mustard - salt and ground black pepper to taste1 - tablespoon mayonnaise for garnishing3 - cherry tomatoes - freshly baby green


Cheese Basket Appetizer Recipe

prep: 30 mininactive time: -cook: 20 mindifficulty: mediumserves: 4ingredients300g - grated parmesan cheese4 - pears40g - pecorino cheese60g - chopped walnuts4 - tablespoons honey - freshly rocket or baby


Cheese Soufflè Recipe

serve warm and accompany with a fresh


Christmas Carrot Pudding Recipe

accompany with a delicate yogurt sauce or a freshly rocket

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