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Baked Duck Breast with Chestnuts and Orange Recipe

baked duck breast is perfect autumn - winter second dish, prepared with duck breast which is sprinkled with a marvellous sauce, accompanied with toasted chestnuts, orange slices and roasted


Chicken Porchetta Recipe

looking for an easy and aromatic chicken recipe? try this chicken porchetta recipe, prepared with chicken stuffed with a bacon-fennel seeds mixture and accompanied with roasted


Chicken with Bacon and Mustard Recipe

serve this chicken thighs with some roasted


Chicken with Capers Recipe

looking for an easy and healthy chicken recipe? try this chicken with capers recipe, perfect for family lunches, special days as christmas day, prepared with chicken meat, capers, olives, herbs, small cubes or onion, carrot, celery and accompanied with some simply boiled asparagus, but


Crispy Chicken Cutlets Recipe

a perfect version to prepare them for your children, too accompanied with some roasted

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