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Chicken with Artichokes Recipe

prep: 30 mininactive time: -cook: 20 mindifficulty: easyserves: 4ingredients800g - boneless, skinless chicken meat, large dice6 - artichokes hearts1 - cup chicken broth1/2 - cup white wine1 - lemon100g - butter2 - tablespoons extra virgin olive oil2 - garlic cloves2 - tablespoons all2 - tablespoons


Chicken with Bacon and Mustard Recipe

preheat oven to 180°c, place the marinated chicken thighs into a baking dish and bake them for about 45-50 mi


Chicken with Capers Recipe

prep: 20 mininactive time: 30 mincook: 40 mindifficulty: easyserves: 4-6ingredients1 - whole chicken, about 1,2 kg50g - cappers150g - black and green olives, pitted1 - small onion1 - carrots1 - small celery stalk1 - teaspoon sweet mustard ( optional )2 - garlic cloves2 - cups chicken stock or water


Chicken with Curry Recipe

for all of them who want to eat light without sacrificing the satisfaction of the taste, try this chicken with curry recipe, prepared with chicken breast, vegetables, curry, papprika and coco


Chicken with Mushrooms Recipe

melt the butter in a large pan over low heat, add 2 tablespoons olive oil and brown the garlic cloves for about 1 mi

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