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Baked Sea Bream with Vegetables Recipe

prep: 30 mininactive time: 30 mincook: 35 mindifficulty: easyserves: 6ingredients6 - sea bream fillets3 - baby onions200g - cherry tomatoes600g - baby potatoes200g - carrots100g - broccoli2 - medium zucchini3 - garlic cloves1 1/2 cup - extra virgin olive oil - freshly chopped


Fried Mussels Recipe

looking for an easy and healthy seafood recipe? here you will find the simplest fried mussels recipe, prepared just with fresh mussels, eggs, cheese and fresh


Fish Skewers Recipe

place a large frying pan, sprinkle with some extra virgin olive oil and add all the minced


Mediterranean Tuna Recipe

it can be cook into many many versions: just natural with some olive oil and lemon juice, it could be one of the most important pasta ingredients, it could be cooked with vegetables, various fresh salads, with


Spelt and Chestnut Soup Recipe

autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to prepare various healthy soups: get this tasty spelt and chestnut soup recipe, prepared with chestnuts, spelt, potatoes, leek and

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