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Broad Beans and Peas Soup Recipe

prep: 30 mininactive time: -cook: 40 mindifficulty: mediumserves: 6ingredients500g - fresh peas400g - shelled broad beans1 - onion, finely chopped50g - rice, for soups - vegetable broth or water, as necessary - extra virgin olive oil400g - chicken breast, skinless and boneless1 - grated lemon zest1


Cauliflower Soup Recipe

looking for a winter recipe? try this cauliflower soup recipe, a really good winter warm-up recipe, easy and really healthy!prep: 1 hourinactive time: -cook: 1 hourdifficulty: easyserves: 6ingredients1 - head cauliflower, medium200g - sausage1 - onion6 - slices homemade


Chickpeas and Chestnuts Soup Recipe

serve immediately with roasted


Creamed Peas and Mint Recipe

looking for a simple, tasty and healthy recipe to prepare during these spring beautiful days? here it is the perfect one, ideal for all of them who are on diet: the creamed peas and mint recipe, prepared with fresh peas and mint, accompanied with grilled


Cuttlefish Soup Recipe

cuttlefish soup recipe is a typical fish dish, prepared with fresh cuttlefish cherry tomatoes and accompanied from grilled small crostini, or toasted slices of

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