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Easy Broccoli Pesto Recipe

... a mixer. add basil leaves, almonds and pinenuts, grted parmesan cheese and half of the olive oil. blend well all the ingredients and add slowly the remaining olive oil and blend until the pesto becomes creamy. once ready you can use broccoli pesto with any kind of pasta, or for many other recipes.


Pasta with Chestnut Flour and Onions Sauce Recipe

... marjoram and cook for 15 minutes, until tender and caramelized. cook pasta al dente and drain. add 1 handle of pasta water to the onions and let evaporate. place pasta immediately to the onions sauce, cook just for one minute over high heat and serve hot with the toasted walnuts and fresh marjoram.


Pumpkin Tortelli Recipe

... cut the pasta sheet to to fit the mold that you have chosen. flour the mold, place the dough, add artichokes filling and close tortelli. continue doing this until all the dough and stuffing has finished. boil tortelli for 3-4 minutes, drain and serve immediately with melted butter and grana.


Pasta with Tuna and Carrots Recipe

... of cooking water from the pasta and cook until all the liquid is absorbed. add the well-drained tuna, pasta and continue cooking over high heat for other 3 minutes. serve the pasta with tuna and carrots with a sprinkling of pepper and fresh chopped parsley if you prefer. serve warm or cold.


Cold Pasta with Squid and Shrimp Recipe

... season with salt if necessary ( be careful because capers have too much salt ), sprinkle with a little olive oil. mix well all the ingredients, cover with a plastic wrap and refridgerate until the moment of serving. garnish with some fresh chopped parsley at the moment of serving if you prefer.

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