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Easy Broccoli Pesto Recipe

... a mixer. add basil leaves, almonds and pinenuts, grted parmesan cheese and half of the olive oil. blend well all the ingredients and add slowly the remaining olive oil and blend until the pesto becomes creamy. once ready you can use broccoli pesto with any kind of pasta, or for many other recipes.


Pasta with Chestnut Flour and Onions Sauce Recipe

... marjoram and cook for 15 minutes, until tender and caramelized. cook pasta al dente and drain. add 1 handle of pasta water to the onions and let evaporate. place pasta immediately to the onions sauce, cook just for one minute over high heat and serve hot with the toasted walnuts and fresh marjoram.


Risotto with Zucchini and Sausages Recipe

... let evaporate. continue to cook risotto adding gradually, until it is dry. mix always risotto to prevent sticking. continue cooking for about 15 minutes and then turn off the heat. the risotto must not be too dry. stir in the grated cheese to create a creaming delicate flavor. serve immediately.


Pumpkin Tortelli Recipe

... cut the pasta sheet to to fit the mold that you have chosen. flour the mold, place the dough, add artichokes filling and close tortelli. continue doing this until all the dough and stuffing has finished. boil tortelli for 3-4 minutes, drain and serve immediately with melted butter and grana.


Brown Rice with Lemon and Artichokes Recipe

... not to burn, adding a little water if necessary. season with salt and pepper to taste. when the brown rice ise ready ( soft and has absorbed all the cooking water add lemon juice and mix well. serve the brown rice with the sauteed artichokes, sprinkling with grated lemon zest ar lemon sticks.

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