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Marinated Baby Beans Recipe

Marinated Baby Beans Recipe is an ideal vegetarian dish, or we can accompany them with grilled veal fillets, roasted chicken, grilled sausages, grilled fish etc. Very easy and fast to prepare.


PREP: 30 min

INACTIVE TIME: 3 hour marination

COOK: 15 min




500g - baby beans

400g - ripe red tomatoes

50g - olives

50g - capers

2 - baby onions

1 - garlic clove

1 - bunch of fresh basil

4 - tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

- half lemon juice

1 - tablespoon white vinegar

- red hot chilli pepper, crumbled (optional)

- salt


Clean baby beans and boil in boiled salted water(pour in the white vinegar, too). Boil baby beans AL DENTE and drain in a colander, under cold water. Boil tomatoes into another pot with boiled water for 1 minute and drain. Peel tomatoes and cut into finely slices. Chop capers and half of the olives. Slice thinly baby onions and the garlic clove. Pour all into a large bowl, add the olive oil, lemon juice, the fresh chopped basil, the crumbled red hot chilli pepper if you prefer and season with salt. Cut baby beans into cubes and add to the prepared mixture. Mix all attentionaly all the ingredients, cover with a plastic wrap and let marinate in the fridge for 3-4  hours, mixing every hour.

Marinated Baby Beans Recipe