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Marinated Sardines Recipe

Marinated Sardines Recipe is a dish which can be used as an appetizer, or as a second dish , too. This is just your choice, and they have both, taste and health benefits.You can serve it with roasted potatoes, grilled or boiled vegetables, various salads, etc. Is easy to prepare, have a higher concentrations of Omega-3, Vitamin D and crispy, so your children will be enthusiast to taste Marinated Sardines.


PREP: 30 min

INACTIVE TIME: 2 hour marination

COOK: 20 min




800g - sardines

4 - oranges

400g - patatoes, round cuted

4 - slices pancarré

- butter

- freshly parsley

- extra virgin olive oil

- salt and pepper to taste


Clean and bone the sardines; split them open, remove spine, remove scales (but leave the skin), wash them and leave to dry on a clean kitchen paper. Place skin down on a plate, pour on the orange juice with a little salt and pepper. Leave to marinate at room temperature for 2 hours. Fry the patatoes into abundant vegetable oil. Remove from heat and place them into a plate with an assorbent kitchen paper. Keep them warm. Into a chopper, chop the pancarré and the orange crust. After chopping, remove the marinated sardines from the orange juice ,drain, and cover each of them with the pancarré and orange crust mixture. Fry all the sardines into boiled oil, and place them into an assorbent kitchen paper. Into another large pan place one tablespoon butter 1 tbsps of the marinating and prepare a sauce to place over the fried sardines. Take  e large serving plate, place the fried patatoes in one side and the fried marinated sardines into the other side of the plate, spread over the sauce a a little minced parsley.

Marinated Sardines Recipe