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Grilled Rosemary Sardines Recipe

Sardines are absolutely delightful and require little preparation, and even better, they are cheap as chips. Grilled Rosemary Sardines Recipe is the perfect recipe to prepare a fast and easy fish side dish.


PREP: 20 min

INACTIVE TIME: 30 min marination

COOK: 20 min




1,5 kg - sardines

6 - rosemary bunchlets

4 - laurel leaves

1 - lemon juice

- lemon zest

5 - large ripe tomatoes

6 - tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

- salt and pepper to taste


Clean, and wash sardines, without eliminating the heads. Pat dry with a kitchen papper. Place all sardines on a large plate, season with salt and pepper, spread with half of  rosemary, sprinkle with the olive oil, the lemon juice and zest. Let marinate for about 1 hour, at room temperature. Clean, wash and pat dry tomatoes. Cut them into rounded slices (about 1 cm). Place the grill over high heat, and grill the sliced tomatoes for 3-5 minutes. Season with salt and a little pepper and remove from grill. Place them into a plate and set aside. Clean the grill. Dribble sardines from marinating juice and grill them with the remaining rosemary. Cook sardines for 3-4 minutes each side. Remove from grill and line up them over the grilled tomatoes. Serve immediately, accompanied with a good red wine.

Grilled Rosemary Sardines Recipe