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Fried Mussels Recipe

Looking for an easy and healthy Seafood recipe? Here you will find the simplest Fried Mussels Recipe, prepared just with fresh mussels, eggs, cheese and fresh herbs.


PREP: 30 min


COOK: 30 min

DIFFICULTY: intermediate



700g - mussels with the shells

120g - white flour

1/2 - teacup water

2 - tablespoon butter

1/2 - teacup white wine

4 - eggs

2 - tablespoons minced fresh parsley

30g - Italian cheese (parmesan, pecorino)

3 - teacups sunflower oil

- salt to taste


Place the mussels into cool water for one hour and after that clean them very carefully. Throw away any mussels that have broken shells,but if shells are opened tap on them and if they are alive it will close immediately. Put mussels into a frying sauce-pan and cook them into high heat, until the shells are opened. Remove the shellfish from the shells. In a sauce pant boil water and butter, salt and mix continually until there remains a creamy and dough fluid. Replace all into the pan until it unfix from the pan edges. Leave to cool down and then transfer in a bowl. Add the eggs (one by one) ,the parsley, the cheese and mussels. Cream. Heat a pan into high heat and with a spoon pour one by one in the mussels cream. Cook all until slightly brown. Transfer the fried mussels to paper towels until dried. Salt and serve them warm

Fried Mussels Recipe