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Tuna - Artichokes Salad Recipe

Tuna - Artichokes Salad Recipe is a healthy - original mediterranean salad, served as an appetizer, ideal for them who want to satisfy themselves and have a perfect form. This dish can be prepared in advance for lunch or dinner .


PREP: 30 min



DIFFICULTY: very easy



4 - artichokes

100g - Pecorino cheese

100g - oiled tuna

2 - lemons

- extra virgin olive oil

1 - fresh parsley bunch

- salt and pepper to taste


Clean artichokes: Using a large sharp knife, cut off and discard the top 2/3rds of the artichoke. Rub the cut end of the artichoke with lemon, to keep it from discoloring. Trim the outer leaves, keep removing the tough leaves till you get to the paler, softer leaves on the inside. When there are about 5-6 layers of leaves left, stop trimming. Then trim the outer, tough, green stuff around the base of the artichoke and around the stem. When you got to the white part, stop trimming. Rub the lemon everywhere you have cut, so artichokes keep their natural green color. Using a teaspoon, very carefully scoop out the fuzzy choke ( make sure you remove all the choke because this part is inedible) from the center. Now that we have only artichokes hearts, slice finely and place them in a bowl of water with lemon juice. Drain in a colander, place them into a serving plate, sprinkle with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and pepper and with the chopped fresh parsley. Mix well and let marinate for about 20 minutes. Add tuna, chopped into pieces with a fork, and Pecorino cheese (cubed). Mix again carefully and serve. Accompany this healthy tuna - artichokes salad with a white wine.

Tuna - Artichokes Salad Recipe