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Russian Salad Recipe

Have you often eaten in the restaurants Russian Salad and enjoyed it a lot? There' s no problem to prepare it by your own, in your kitchen. You just need boil vegetables, stir in mayonnaise and add cubed ham, chicken, shrimps, if you prefer


PREP: 30 min

INACTIVE TIME: 1 - 2 hours

COOK: 10 min




300g - mayonnaise

2 - boiled eggs

200g - carrots

500g - potatoes

30g - peas

50g - pickled cucumbers

- extra virgin olive oil

- salt

- ground black pepper (optional


Clean, wash, peel and dice potatoes and carrots into small cubes. Boil each vegetable into individual pots with boiled salted water. Boil potatoes cubes for about 7-10 minutes, carrots for 5-7 minutes and peas for about 10-12 minutes. After all vegetables boiled, drain them in a colander until all the liquid is eliminated and they are cool enough to prepare the salad. Dice pickled cucumbers, and add to the other vegetables. Boil eggs for 3-4 minutes, let them cool, peel and dice into small pieces, into the same size as the carrots and potatoes. Into a large bowl pour in all the prepared ingredients, sprinkle with some extra virgin olive oil, salt as necessary, a little pepper if you prefer and at the end add the mayonnaise. Mix all the ingredients very well in order to combine with each other, cover with a plastic wrap, and let rest in the fridge for 1-2 hours before serving. If you prefer, you can add some diced ham to the salad.

Russian Salad Recipe