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Light Chicken Salad Recipe

Looking for a healthy, easy and light chicken recipe? Try this Light Chicken Salad Recipe, ideal for summer days, prepared with grilled chicken breast, freshly rocket, corn, olives and tasty yogurt sauce. If you prefer you can use mayonnaise and potatoes instead of yogurt sauce.


PREP: 20 min


COOK: 15 min




800g - grilled chicken breast

120g - freshly rocket

50g - freshly chicory

70g - olives, pitted

200g - corn

2 - tablespoons soy sauce

Yogurt Sauce Ingredients

160ml - white yogurt

1 - tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 - garlic clove, peeled and finely minced

- freshly mint

- freshly chives


Place a large grill over medium heat. Remove skin and bones from chicken breast and grill for about 10-15 minutes. Season with salt, cut it into length-wise slices and allow to cool. Meanwhile clean and wash well the freshly rocket and chicory. Cut chicory a julienne and place on a bowl together with the dried rocket. Pour in the soy sauce and mix well to combine. In another bowl place the corn and the olives, pitted and cutted. Place the rocket - chicory mixture on a platter, place now the grilled chicken sliced, and corn - olives mixture. Place the chicken salad on the fridge to marinate for about 1 hour. Meanwhile prepare the yogurt sauce: Pour the yogurt in a bowl, add the chopped herbs, the minced garlic, season with salt and sprinkle with the extra virgin olive oil. Mix all well and once the chicken salad cooled, pour over the prepared yogurt sauce.

Light Chicken Salad