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Mediterranean Pasta Recipe

Follow this easy, tasty and healthy Mediterranean Pasta Recipe, perfect for all your family.


PREP: 25 min


COOK: 15 min




400g - short pasta ( fusilli, farfalle, penne or rigatoni

100g - breadcrumbs

1 - lemon

1 - orange

30g - pinenuts

30g - sesame seeds

30g - peeled pistachios

1 - garlic clove

1 - red chilli pepper

- fresh thyme

4 - tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

- salt to taste


Carefully wash and pat dry lemon and orange. Grate their rind. Lighlty brown breadcrumbs into a pan with 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, adding the peeled garlic clove and the hot pepper (halved), just for 1-2 minutes. Remove breadcrumbs from heat, eliminate garlic and hot pepper and leave aside. Then lightly toast in a large frying pan pine nuts, peleed pistachios and sesamo seeds. Place a pot with abundant salted water to boil, and when water boils add pasta. Cook until AL DENTE ans drain in a colander. Add pasta to the pan with all the other prepared ingredients, perfuming with citrus zest and some fresh thyme leaves. Before serving garnish with the remaining extra virgin olive oil. If you prefer a lighter version just reduce pine nuts, pistachios and sesamo seeds quantity. You can accompany this Mediterranean Pasta with a white wine.

Mediterranean Pasta Recipe