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Fruit Salad in Orange Baskets Recipe

All of us love fresh fruit salad, especially in these hot summer days. You can prepare fruit salad with all the kind of fruit you prefer, the important thing is to use fresh fruit. If you have a special party, lunch, or a birthday follow this easy and healthy Fruit Salad in Orange Baskets Recipe. A really beautiful presentation.


PREP: 20 min






250g - fresh strawberries

2 - bananas

3 - kiwi

2 - apples

1 - lemon juice

2 - tablespoons white sugar

4 - large orange baskets

- spray cream (optional)


Firstly prepare fruit salad: Clean, wash, peel apples and kiwi. Cut all fruits into small cubed pieces, add the white sugar and lemon juice. Mix all very well in order to combine and let rest in the fridge until you prepare orange baskets. Prepare orange baskets according to these directions: For handle, score a 1/2 inch wide strip over the top of each orange. Score peel from the base of the handle on one side to the opposite side. Cut along scored lines with a sharp knife and remove peel. Repeat on other side. Using a spoon or a melon baller, scoop out pulp from under handle and inside of basket. Once orange baskets are ready. Pour the orange juice into the same bowl that you prepared the fruit salad. Cut up the orange pulp into pieces, without much rid, and add to the bowl. The orange and lemon juice helps applea and bananas not to brown and to give a better and juice taste. Now that all is ready scoop the marinated fresh fruit salad into each basket. Decorate with some spray cream if you prefer, as in the photo.

Fruit Salad in Orange Baskets Recipe