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Mille-feuille with Chantilly Cream and Chocolate Drops Recipe

Have you always eaten in pasty shop mille-feuille with chantilly cream and chocolate drops? Have you enjoyed it so much to prepare by yourself at home? This dessert recipe is going to learn you how to cook and prepare Mille-feuille with Chantilly Cream and Chocolate Drops, very easy and tasty at the same time. You need just ready puff paste rolls, chantilly cream ( for Chantilly Cream click here: How to cook and prepare Chantilly Cream Recipe), icing sugar and dark chocolate drops.


PREP: 40 min


COOK: 30 min




500g - chantilly cream

- icing shugar

- dark chocolate drops


Firstly prepare the Chantilly Cream as shown in the recipe you just cliced. Let it cool at room temperature before using. Roll out the first puff paste, riddle with a fork and cover lightly with icing sugar. Preheat oven to 200°C, place puff paste to bake until lighlty golden / brown. Bake all puff paste rolls one by one and allow them to cool on cleaned kitchen towels. Once puff paste rools are cooled and chantilly cream too, we can prepare the mille-feuille. Place on a large serving plate the first baked puff paste, cover it with abundant chantilly cream, spread with dark chocolate drops and place over the second puff paste. Cover with another chantilly cream layer, chocolate drops, and continue so with another puff paste layer. Terminate with the last puff paste, sprinkling with abundant icing sugar. Place the prepared mille-feuille in the fridge and serve after 2-3 hours.

Mille-feuille with Chantilly Cream and Chocolate Drops ...