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Cool Biscuits Dessert Recipe

The simplest and tastiest Cool Biscuits Dessert to accompany you on these summer days, prepared with biscuits, coffee,dark chocolate, sugar and egg yolks, ingredients that all of us have in our kitchen. This Cool Biscuits Dessert needs only refrigeration for some hours and is ready.


PREP: 30 min






200g - white sugar

1 - vanilla pod

200g - unsalted softened butter

1 - tablespoon cocoa

1 - cup cooffe

250g - biscuits


Firstly dissolve cocoa in boiling coffee. Leave butter at room temperature until it becomes very soft, place in a bowl, add white sugar and whisk with a pair of electric whisks until the mixture becomes light, puffy and fluffy. Slit vanilla bean lenghth-wise, collect the seed with the help of a knife and add to the whipped butter mixture. Then incorporate the egg yolks, one at a time and stir well. Coat one plum cake tin with a sheet of plastic wrap, dip quickly one biscuit in the coffee and lay on the bottom of the mold. Repeat with other biscuits until completely covered and you for a biscuits layer, pour in one cream layer. Repeat the same operation until all ingredients have finished, paying attention because the last layer must be with cream. Cover with plastic wrap and place the cool biscuits cake in the fridge for at least 5 hours. Serve cool. Before serving sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Cool Biscuits Dessert