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Cool Pineapple Pie Recipe

Cool Pineapple Pie Recipe is a perfect recipe to prepare especially on hot summer days. Very simple and easy, with just a few ingredients. It has the advantage to be prepared on advance. You can garnish Cool Pineapple Pie with black chocolate chips or grated coconut.


PREP: 20 min






250g - Pavesini biscuits

1 - can pineapple

500g - mascarpone cheese

500g - white natural yogurt

7 - tablespoons white sugar

4 - tablespoons black chocolate chips or shredded coconut


Place sugar and the white natural yogurt into a mixer and mix for 2-3 minutes, then add mascarpone cheese and continue to mix all the ingredients for other 2-3 minutes, until it becomes a creamy and homogenous structure. Remove creamy mixture from mixer and place into a bowl. Set aside. Then place the can pineapple into the mixer and mix until it becomes homogenous and pour into another bowl. Take a rectangular baking dish and begin with laying pavesini biscuits. Lay pavesini, lay pineapple mixture and then marcarpone mixture. Then lay out another layer of pavesini, of pineapple and of creamy cheese mixture. Continue until all the ingredients have finished and at the end garnish all the Cool Pineapple Pie surface with the black chocolate chips or grated coconut. Cover with a plastic or aluminium foil and put the Cool Pineapple Pie in the fridge for about 4 hours. Serve cool.

Cool Pineapple Pie Recipe