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Easy Fried Sandwich Recipe

Looking for and easy and fast sandwhich recipe to prepare on your own in your kitchen, without spending time going on various fastfoods? Easy Fried Sandwich Recipe is one of them, prepared with pancarrè, white bread, ham, tomatoes, parmesan or emmental, cheese and beaten egg.


PREP: 10 min


COOK: 10 min

DIFFICULTY: very easy



16 - slices of white bread

3 - large ripe tomatoes, finely chopped

90g - Parmessan or emmental cheese

90g - raw ham, chopped

2 - tablespoons of fresh basil

¾ - teacup of milk

4 - large eggs

125g - breadcrumbs

60g - butter

- salt and freshly black ground pepper to taste


Cut out the bread forming 8 cm diameter disks with a mould. Lay out ham onto half of the bread disks, add the cheese and 1-2 slices of tomatoes. Salt and pepper. Decorate with 1 basil leaf and close off with the other bread disks, pressing them carefully. Pour the milk into a bowl and in another one rift and flap the eggs. In a third bowl set down the breadcrumbs. Immerse the sandwiches into the milk, into the eggs and finally into the breadcrumbs, forming an uniform surface. Melt the butter into a large frying pan (medium-high heat) and fry the sandwiches for 3 minutes each part, turning carefully. With a knife transfer all in paper towels and leave there until the oil is totally dried. Place the fried sandwiches with tomatoe, Parmesan cheese and ham into a beautiful serving platter and serve warm

Easy Fried Sandwich Recipe