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Easy Sausage and Stracchino Cheese Crostini Recipe

Easy Sausage and Stracchino Cheese Crostini Recipe is an Italian traditional recipe which can be improvised at the last minute, represent a balance of Tuscan cuisine, based on the combination of flavors they' re great to serve at any occasion, especially in a rustic dinner. You can simply serve them as appetizer, followed by a risotto with porcini mushrooms and beef/veal roast with potatoes.


PREP: 10 min


COOK: 5 - 10 min

DIFFICULTY: very easy



250g - stracchino cheese

4 - fresh Italian sausages

2 - fresh baguette, sliced


Preheat oven to 200°C. In a bowl mix the stracchino cheese and sausages with a fork. Slice not very finely baguettes and generously spread this sausage-cheese mixture on each slice of bread. Place all crostini on the oven grill and bake until golden brown. Serve warm.

Easy Sausage and Stracchino Cheese Crostini